Thursday, 3 April 2014

Weather Forecast. (First Ubuntu touch app tutorial)

Hello, today I am going to share how I created my first Ubuntu touch app. As I started with developing the app I wondered how easy it is to develop apps for Ubuntu touch app. This tutorial could be divided into multiple post.

OK lets start with designing the app.

OK the image look bad, but I promise final app will be wonderful.

Open the Ubuntu-SDK IDE and create new project. You can keep all default settings in the first screen.

Hit the choose button. Give the project a name and hit Next. (You can give any name).

Now hit Finish button.

Congrats you have created your first project.

Now open the MyProject01.qml file. Remove the following selected lines.

These lines are not required for our project.

Referring the design we see that first we must display app name at top. This can be done as follows:

In the "Page" statement you will see the following line


Above line state that Simple is your app name or title.
So change the Simple to any other name you like. Here is the method used for internationalization. If you want your app to support multiple language then put the string elements within method. It will do the job for you.

You can run the application at any time. Just hit the big green Play button at left to run the app. If the big green button is disabled then open your terminal and type the following command:


Then hit enter. Now browse to the qml file and double click it. You will see the app running if there are no errors.

This tutorial is now quite long, I will break up now. And continue in the next post. Until then play around with code, read the documentation mentioned in Getting Started posts.

If you have any queries or problem you can comment below or mail to

Happy developing :)

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