Thursday, 3 April 2014

Designing help.

If you have seen a native Ubuntu touch app it basically has a Ubuntu feel. What I am trying to say is the buttons, shapes etc trying to say that they are designed for Ubuntu.

You might think that it is very difficult create a button of that style or a list view of that feel.

Well, at first even I thought the same. But it is as easy as copy pasting the code.

Ubuntu has developed a template which has all the User Interface elements with the Ubuntu feel. If you want a button just find the code for it and copy paste it in your project.

You can find this template in your computer. Goto your file system then usr folder then lib folder then ubuntu-ui-toolkit folder then examples folder then unutnu-ui-toolkit-gallery folder. Here you will find design templates of all UI elements in Ubuntu. To view how each item looks like run the gallery file by double clicking it.

For example if you want a Text Input in your app then click on Text Field entry. This will show all the different types of Text Input in Ubuntu.

To get the code in the same folder search for the file TextInputs.qml and open it.

If I want a text input of type password then select the relevant cod stating password and copy paste it into my project. (Don't copy Template or TemplateRow items).

Refer image above to know what to copy.

As usual if you have any problems or queries you can comment below.
Happy developing :)